February 3rd, 2010

Coming up for air… on Monday I mailed two big boxes stuffed full of new quilts for another ¬†book. This is an update of my first book “Stack the Deck”. I really had a great time making all the quilts with several new tricks and methods tucked into the mix. I felt especially spoiled as my middle son, Kelly, (who has moved back home to continue college) camped out here for three different weeks and helped cut, sew, run errands and took care of any and everything I had no time for. ¬†Everyone became rather tired of hearing “Don’t talk to me! I’m working on my book! My family is pretty much used to all the fuss I make when writing and designing a new book. Hmmm… she’s at it again. Of course once the quilts are mailed, you’d think I’d relax. No – I’m thrown into a panic!! fearing once my publisher “Martingale & Co, That Patchwork Place” open the boxes they are going to mail them all back to me. Yikes!

So – on to another project: I am so excited to be working with Checker Distributors, designing a new ruler to go along with my books and patterns. The ruler “Curves for Squares” will be ready this spring and will help quilters cut all different sized squares into awesome curvy blocks.

Also, in addition to completing eleven new quilts with illustrations, proof of yardage, pics, etc., my appearance on The Quilt Show aired. Alex and Rickey were so cool and are such pros. They do an excellent job of making their guests feel right at home!

Ta Ta for now.