Teaching Schedule

The following is my class schedule.  For more information, please contact me.

February 2015

20-22: Washington Stars Quilt Guild
Lacey, Washington

Lecture and Workshop

April 2015

9-12: Greenbaums Quilted Forest Spring Retreat
Camp Cascade - Mill City Oregon

Please visit www.quiltedforest.com for additional information.

June 2015

2-6: Garland Quilt Guild
Dallas, Texas

I will be at the following locations in the Dallas Texas Area Garland Quilt Guild - Lecture June 2 - Workshop June 6 Fabric Fanatics - Workshop June 3 Quilters Connection - June 4 and June 5

July 2015

28-29: Metropolitan Patchwork Society
Beaverton, Oregon

Workshop and Lecture

September 2015

20-25: The Main House at Creations of Kerrville
Kerrville, TX

Workshops http://the-main-house.creations-online.com/the-main-house/main-house-creations